Extended Producer Responsibility For Plastic Packaging


The plastic waste management rules 2016 issued by the Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate change mandates all Producers , Importers and Brand Owners (PIBO’S) to practice extended producer responsibility by which producers should take responsibility of the end use of post-consumer plastics. 


India generates about 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and the per capita plastic waste generation has almost doubled over the last five years. This is creating a huge strain on the urban local bodies which handle the rising volumes of plastic waste in the country. In the last decade, the government has been taking multiple steps to combat the strain and EPR is one such effort in this direction. 


As a Producer , Importer or Brand operating in India, here are the steps to be followed to be compliant. The first step is to register with the CPCB/SPCB by submitting the necessary documents, which include an action plan, agreement, certificates and licences. 

Why choose Paperman as your authorised Waste Management Agency (WMA)?

12 years of expertise in the waste management industry – From empowering over half a million people to recycle through public campaigns, running India’s first app-based doorstep recycling and setting up effective plastic recovery facilities and logistics, we have been working in the waste-management ecosystem for over a decade. Whether its running a campaign around your EPR, or finding the most effective and efficient collection systems  – we are your partner of choice. 

Best in class documentation – Our team of chartered accountants and environmental engineers ensure you have right documentation to track and showcase the positive impact you make through EPR. Our team works flexibly with your evolving reporting needs with the fastest response time. Our team can support you with all registration needs too. 

Largest Urban Local Body network in South India- The biggest pain in handling post-consumer plastic waste is faced at the local level. To create visible real world impact and support your Environmental, Social and Governance ( ESG )  goals it is highly recommended to work in partnership with Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s ) across the country. Paperman works directly with over 100 + ULBS through official agreements across South India.