Our Products

Doorstep recycling service

An Uber for trash mobile application that connects 5,000 waste producing touch points with over 270 local trash collectors.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

A blockchain enabled technology platform that allows global corporations to fulfill their EPR compliance.  It also  provides data and analytics reporting of our on-the-ground activity of the informal trash sector which will provide critical intel for smart cities mapping out their plans and strategy for waste management.

Recycling Consulting Service

Every day our work is bringing various stakeholders in the trash economy together. Our data and analysis of this information plays a key role for governments to design and implement their policies for waste management for their cities, towns, and state. We understand their challenges and work in improving private – public partnerships to improve the quality of waste management.

Social Finance

We believe financing at responsible rates is an effective tool to help bottom of the pyramid segment of the society to create sustained livelihoods.  This model is focussed at providing finance for SHGs, players of the informal sector and other operators in the circular economy space.

School Recycling Programs

We strongly believe in the importance to invest in the future.  We design programs in schools for students, our future citizens, to be aware of the importance of recycling and waste management at a home level.  Our programs such as Recycle Week, Trash Tales and RestArt Earth focuses on engaging students with everyday recyclables in a creative manner.

Grassroots Awareness Campaigns

Waste management is 99% human and 1% technical. It is very important to nudge citizens towards proper segregation of materials. Our programs make it easy for people to learn and practice proper waste management. Vision 2025 is a program that facilitates all citizens of a city to work together for a common mission.

Waste Management Events

There are many problem solvers working on the field of waste management. Our annual expo is facilitated over 3 days of learning and conversation to help arm these problem solvers to work better towards impact.

Publications & Journals

Engaging our community within the context of literature is a powerful way to spread the message.  We will be looking to distribute meaningful publications, journals, and blogs that will educate our community and keep them updated with the ongoing progress the global sector is making in waste management and recycling.

Academic Research and Education

For waste management, we work in setting up trash labs in universities to accelerate research to create new ideas and improve the circular activity of recycling. We provide classes, workshops, and seminars in waste management and recycling within the context of social entrepreneurship.